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2019 open call for artist submissions addressing the theme “False Positive”

"False positive" (falso positivo) is a term coined in Colombia to refer to the civilian killed by the army and presented by authorities to the media as guerrilleros killed in battle, in an effort to inflate body counts and receive promotions or other benefits.​ This open call is for visual arts addressing false positive as a theme in a broader sense.

¿In which other places, besides Colombia, happens the phenomena of false positives? For example, police planting a weapon in the hand of a farmer during a mass demonstration in Valle de Tambo - Peru (2015) against the introduction of mining activity (video).

¿In which other ways -visibles or not- this kind of situations expresses? For example, the waves of arrests of university students, under false proofs, that recently happened in Colombia, the so called "judiciary false positive" (falso positivo judicial).

In which subtle ways this conduct of the state has been adopted in interpersonal relationships an the relations with oneself? For examples, the negation and minimisation of harm, the self censorship and self incrimination.