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Visual Arts Residency "13+13: Art, Community and Empowerment" directed by Eduardo Villanes


The Cusco branch of the Ministry of Culture of Peru announces the international open call for the visual arts residency "13+13: Art, Community and Empowerment" ("13+13: Arte, Comunidad y Empoderamiento") directed by Eduardo Villanes, to be held from july 2nd to 6th 2018 in Cusco, Perú.  The residency objective is to develop artistic processes focused on social, environmental and genre violence issues happening in Cusco and the south region of Peru. Half of the residents will be visual artists and the other half  social, environmental and genre violence activists from the south region of Perú. During the 5 days residency the participants will coexist and work together in the premises of the Andahuaylillas church (Quispicanchi province), located 40 minutes from the city of Cusco. 

The residency will specialize in grafiti. Every day will be large scale drawing sessions focused on the discovery and development of  own gestures and caligraphies


The peruvian artist Eduardo Villanes is well known for his grafitis and other clandestine actions in public spaces in Lima during the dictatorship of Fujimori. His most recent grafitis were about the Bagua massacre. He has just returned to Peru after a 3 years self-exile in Colombia. There he founded El Bronx Art Gallery, an international art residency space focused on censored art. The residency “13 + 13 = Arte,  Comunidad y Empoderamiento” is a continuity of the work he started in “El Bronx”.




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