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El Bronx Art Gallery is an exhibition and residency space founded in 2015 by the peruvian artist Eduardo Villanes, who was residing in Colombia at that time. He started El Bronx in his apartment located in avenida Caracas, between calles 16 and 17, localidad Los Mártires, Bogotá Centro.


Its name alludes a former black-latino ghetto in New York, assimilated to Bogota’s street lexicon to designate a sector in ​​the locality Los Martires that has same social issues that its NY counterpart: arrival of displaced populatios and ethnic groups, extreme poverty, violence and illicit trades (1). 


Villanes moved to Colombia because he was facing veto, censorship and threats to his life in his own country. He established in the Bronx sector because of the cheap rentals, same reason many colombian internally displaced populatios and ethnic groups establish there. For that reason he founded El Bronx Art Gallery to help other artists facing similar issues.

In 2018 Villanes returned to Perú after 3 years residing in Colombia, transforming el Bronx Art Gallery into an itinerant project.



(1) “The locality of Los Mártires has many social issues: prostitution, criminality, trade of drugs, extreme poverty and high levels of violence. In this locality is situated the street known as El Bronx, one of the most dangerous in Bogotá (...) It has also been diagnosed cases of displaced families, abuses against minors, intra-family violence and social cleansing performed by paramilitaries and gangs.” Diagnóstico de las Localidades de Bogotá - Localidad de Los Mártires.  Veeduría Distrital – Universidad Nacional de Colombia. 2004. Pag 15.