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Exhibition “X+" (false positive) opens thursday october 19th 2017 at El Bronx Art Gallery


Renate Costa (Paraguay) - Alejandra Delgado (Bolivia) - Eli Donovan (France) - Nicholas Petrus (Brasil) - Edinson Quiñones (Colombia) - Jane Rainwater (USA) - Carlos Martinez (Mexico) - Eduardo Villanes (Peru) - Sun Cok (Perú).


"False positive" (falso positivo) is a term coined in Colombia to refer to the civilian killed by the army and presented by authorities to the media as guerrilleros killed in battle, in an effort to inflate body counts and receive promotions or other benefits.

The exhibition will analize how “falsos positivos” also happen in other countries and in different ways: police "planting" a weapon to an unarmed demonstrator in Perú, the persecution of gays during Stroessner dictatorship in Paraguay, La Cantuta case during the Fujimori dictatorship in Peru, a coca leaves ancestral ceremony offered to a NN in colombian morgue, etc.


The exhibition is a response to the recent series of arrests of young colombian peace and human rights activists, a visual art student among them, employing doubtful proofs. This event is raising concerns about the establishing of a new type of "falso positivo" in Colombia, the so called "falso positivo judicial".


Monday to Sunday,  12:00 a 21:00. Avenida Caracas #16-49, Bogotá (south exit of estación Transmilenio Calle 19). Till november 10th 2017.

"La Cámandula" de Edinson Quiñones.jpg