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On the dawn of june 17th 1995, twodays after Grupo Colina was granted amnesty and released from jail I paint the grafiti-collage "Evaporados" on a wall of the  Via Expresa, a majpor highway in Lima (images #1 y #2).  On june 23th I organized a collective performance. For that occasion I used the same pick up truck that was used one year before to transport the boxes with the Cantuta victims remains. The truck arrived into Plaza Francia carrying emplty Gloria boxes, reenacting the event. Each box had two eye-like cutouts on one side and the word "leche" (milk) transformed into "gente"(people), work done by family members of La Cantuta case. After discharging the boxes in the plaza I covered my head with one and started giving handouts to passerbyers inviting to do the same in order to march to the congress building, where the Amnesty Law was issued, and throw the boxes there. After many hours a group of us reached close to our target, but a police line prevented us to get closer. We threw all the boxes over their heads at once. Their inmediate reaction was to kick them far, involuntarely bringing them closer to the congress building, unknowingly contributing to the performance objective (images #3 to #5).


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