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“Gloria Evaporada” is a series of works I created in 1994 and 1995 about the Cantuta massacre, which occurred on July 18, 1992 during the presidency of Alberto Fujimori. On this date, nine students and a professor were abducted from La Cantuta University by a military death squad known as Grupo Colina, then murdered, charred to ashes and buried in a clandestine grave. The grave was discovered next year, 1993, due to a whistleblowing from the army. In 1994 the forensic police delivered to the families of the victims the charred remains, this was done in cardboard boxes, most of them of Gloria Evaporada milk. I found this event to be symptomatic of the “industrial” scope of the “evaporating” methods of the regime. On June 14th 1995 the perpetrators of the massacre were granted amnesty, soon after they were sentenced to prison. The Cantuta massacre was among the crimes noted in the conviction of Fujimori on April 7, 2009 on charges of human rights abuses.                               NEXT>>>