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Lina Jimenez Numpaque (Bogotá, 1988). Political prisoner, fine artist graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is doing her art residency at El Bronx Art Gallery from the cell on the high security pavillion of the Centro de Reclusión de Mujeres de Bogotá, where she has been since June 24th 2017.

After 14 months in prison none of the charges were proven by the prosecutor: terrorism, aggravated homicide, aggravated homicide tentative and aggravated criminal conspiracy. She was granted a certificate of freedom on August 24th 2018.

In response, the government started a media campaign to show the imminent freedom of Lina, and 8 more people in the same situation, as a danger to the population. This way conditions were set up to prevent their freedoms from happening. They were arrested when leaving the prisons, this time with a new charge: rebellion.